Day 2 Top Ten Days of Estevan Vega

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The Sacred Sin

by Estevan Vega

Published by PublishAmerica (August 20 release)

Reviewed by Kim Bagato

The neighborhood pub, a gothic church, a basement, and the jail provide clandestine settings for unimaginable scenes of fury, secrecy, and menacing spiritual activity. The list of characters includes a priest and a prostitute, an abuser and an alcoholic. Although consumed by their vices, these people are realistic in their humanness despite the sinister spiritual darkness that hangs over them like a dark cloak.

The Sacred Sin is the second published work from Estevan Vega, a 19-year-old author. Had I not known Vega’s age, I would have assumed a more seasoned author penned this work. He masterfully keeps the reader on the edge of their seat, slowly builds a breath-taking climax and finishes with a shocking resolution.

Jude Foster is a homicide detective in therapy at the request of his boss, Chief Mike Harrison. The Chief believes Foster’s job performance is overshadowed by a traumatic incident in his life more than a year ago.

Foster and his partner, Rachel Cragin, are assigned to investigate a string of brutal murders. Their relationship is riddled with professional conflict and dark passion, providing creepy glimpses into the minds of these two central characters.

Clues point toward a mysterious suspect who kills without making human contact. As time ticks by, the frequency of the crimes increase. A body is discovered in Foster’s brother’s home, a nosy reporter presses Foster for details about the search for the killer and finds more than he’s looking for at Foster’s own home.

This is not a book to read on airplane, as I did, in close proximity to strangers. I was compelled to shout and guide the characters out of the darkness to no avail. The disturbing and haunting moods of this story should cement another step on Vega’s path to success as a young author. He manages the elements of good writing with deep character development and the dialog between characters is fast-paced and interesting.

This book would have benefited from a thorough proofreading as the errors distracted from the storyline.

Armchair Interviews says: A new author to watch in the mystery/horror genre.

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