My parents good night wishes

I went to bed a midnight
I woke up screaming
call the police
They want to hurt me
even in my dreams they want to hurt me
What the heck did I ever do to them
except to survive them
why are they so intent on hurting me
even crawling into to my dreams to get at me
i hate them
i hate them
i fear them
i am so afraid of them
you have no idea
not one clue of how afraid i am of them
they chase me
they tell everyone i’m crazy
oh get this
one version of the dream was
they were hurting me while everyone watched
cute eh
just like real life
just like when I was growing up
they love hurting me
I hate them
i don’t know what i feel most
do i hate them more
do i fear them more than i hate them
i don’t know
i feel both
both feelings haunt my dreams
i can’t sleep
i haven’t slept
except for Sat night when i took a pill
maybe that’s what I should do
take the whole freaking bottle
then they wouldn’t have me to hurt anymore
if i’m dead they can’t hurt me
then they can be the matyrs
they can have everyone feel sorry for them
when it was them
in my dreams
keeping me awake
every night
each night
all night
can’t sleep
they come after me
every night.
in my dreams
doing what they do best
telling everyone how bad I am
telling everyone i can’t be trusted
telling everyone not to help me
everybody knows
everybody watches
no one does anything
no one helps me
no one cares
if I get kill
by them
relatives just stand there
telling me to go home
and be a better daughter
be a good gir, Jo Ann
don’t cause no trouble, Jo Ann
stop all that whining Jo Ann
no one will believe you
no one will care
no matter what you do
no matter where you go
we’ll be there
in your dreams
in your life
telling you
how stupid you are
 how bad you are
 how hopeless you are
how awful you are to me
how horrible you are
 how bad of a mouth you have
how you slapped me
how you pushed me
how you spit on me
 how you knocked me down
but never
never ever
tell anyone
what we did to you
never tell
never say the words
never utter a sound
be a good girl
don’t make a sound
don’t cry
don’t tell me it hurts
i know it doesn’t hurt
i wouldn’t hurt you
i love you
i wouldn’t hurt you
i’m your father
i just want you to be happy
be happy Jo Ann
see what i do to you so you’ll be happy
see what i do to keep you happy
see everything we do just for you
just for you
we suffer just for you
we cry just for you
we fight just for you
we argue because of you
you owe us
you owe us big time
but you don’t pay up
you go your own way
and you don’t pay us what you owe us
when are you going to pay up
when are you going to finally pay up
when are you going to stop pretending
that you can get away from us
you’ll never get away from us
you’ll never find a place you can go
where we can’t get at you
there is no place
you can hide
no place you are safe
you’ll never be safe
because we’ll never let you alone
we’ll never let up
we want you dead
we want you crazy
you refuse to die
you refuse to go completely crazy
you refuse to give up
you refuse to let us win
how ungrateful you are
how unappreciative you are
of all the things we’ve done for you
all you ever had to to do is die
so die Jo Ann
die now
die in the night
die with us chasing after you
because we will eventually catch you
we will eventually kill you
you think you got it covered
you think you’re protected
no one can protect you
no one can stop us
no one can prevent us from getting to you
we even get in your dreams
doesn’t tell you something
doesn’t tell you how much power we have
doesn’t tell you to give up
just lie down and die Jo Ann
die or we’ll kill you
die or we’ll haunt you forever
die or we’ll never let you go
do you think you can stop being our daughter
for always
you’re our daughter
you’re our property
you are whatever we want to do with
and no one
no one Jo Ann
not one single person on the face of the earth
will give a shit what we do to you
not one person will care
how bad we hurt you
no one
don’t you get it
give up
no one cares
you are ours to do with as we wish
we can hurt you as much as we want
and everyone will think that it is you
that is crazy
not us
no matter what you do
no matter what you think
or even learn
you’ll never get away from us
you’re ours
to hurt as much as we want
no one can stop us
no one wants to stop us
why do you think no one wants to stop us
because no one cares about you
because you don’t matter to anyone
because you don’t count
everyone else has their own family
everyone else is busy
everyone else matters
but not you
you don’t matter
you never hare
you never will
why do you think you’re alone
why do you think no one stays around
why do you think everyone
let us hurt you as much as we did
do you think if you matter
somebody would have stopped us
go ahead and cry
doesn’t matter
no one will stop us
no one can
go ahead and fight
you’ll fight for the rest of your life
you’ll have to fight every minute of your life
if you think you can get away from us
if you think you can survive us
if you think we’ll ever stop
no one cares
die Jo Ann
give up Jo Ann
just give up and die
die now
die often
each time you close your eyes
to go to sleep
let us kill you each night
let us torment you each night
let us hate you each night
just like we did
every day of your life
go ahead
go back to bed
close your eyes
and hope for sleep
because that’s when we’ll come
and you know what we look like
you know nothing can stop us
you know we like hurting you
so just go to sleep baby
close your eyes and sleep baby
because we’ll be there
every night
every single night
we’ll be there
to welcome you
with pain
and fear
and terror
because that’s all you deserve
that’s all you’re good for
that’s all you’re use to
go to sleep baby
go ahead
We dare you
close your eyes
go to sleep
we’ll be waiting
good night
we love you so much

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