Sell Your book on Craigslist

Sell Your Book To Book Lovers Across the U.S. for FREE

One unique and free way to sell your book is to list it on Craigslist actually has a section on its website where people can list books for sale.

You can list in hundreds of U.S. cities and other major cities around the world.

You’ll find everything from people trying to get rid of extra copies of a book they own to authors like you, selling books they’ve published.
Listing your book for sale on Craigslist works phenomenally if you have a webpage or link to Amazon where someone can purchase your book. But even if you don’t, you can still take advantage of this free service.

Some benefits to listing your book for sale on Craigslist include:
• It’s free
• Search engines index the Craigslist pages, so there is a chance the link that has your book in it could rank decently in the search engine listings, bringing more visitors to your book’s sales page.
• You never know who may stumble across that link and end up buying your book.

If you think you can post the same ad for in every “books for sale” category on Craigslist, think again. You can post an ad in every city, but the ads have to be different (and not just a few words moved around) in order to be accepted. So before you plaster an ad for your book on every Craigslist city, try one or two.

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