Day Nine of Top Ten Vampire Detective oh yeah Mario Acevedo too.

“Vampire detective/PI Felix Gomez is hunting down zombies and dealing with visions of his past.”

Reviewed by Sue Burke
Posted February 6, 2009


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When Colorado’s Front Range is plagued with a sudden increase in the zombie population, the vampire counsel assigns PI Felix Gomez to the case. Felix’s assignment is to identify the re-animator and destroy him along with his disturbing and not very stealthy zombie army.

The zombies are a headache and a half for Felix, but what’s really bothering him is a brutal psychic assault presumably launched by the zombie creator. Visions of his past are hounding him, waking nightmares he finds impossible to ignore and which are about to drive him crazy. When the case is more than he can handle alone, Felix reluctantly teams up with a 16-year-old clairvoyant who is willing to help him, but her price is a steep one and more than he is willing to pay.

Poor Felix! JAILBAIT ZOMBIE finds him in over his head again. It’s a great story, and even though Felix isn’t any better off at the end than he was at the beginning, it really doesn’t matter. He’s immortal; he has an eternity of stories in him. It’s not like we expect him to get a happy ending. It’s the way he lives his undead existence that matters most to us.

Jailbait Zombie by Mario Acevedo


Vampires versus Zombies, round one . . .

Vampire detective Felix Gomez has seen a lot of weird things since becoming one of the undead—nymphomaniacs, aliens, and X- rated bloodsuckers, just to name a few—but now he comes face-to-face with the worst sort of undead.

To stop a ravenous army of zombies, Gomez must team up with a precocious teen with clairvoyant powers whose cooperation comes at a price: she won’t help unless Felix makes her a vampire . . . if the zombies don’t get her first.

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