Day Four of Top Ten Marta interviews Mario

MARTA: You’ve got a new Felix Gomez book coming out with thejailbaitzombieenhanced demure title of Jailbait Zombie. Did you just decide to hop on the underage, reanimated corpse bandwagon?


MARIO: No, the underage, reanimated corpse bandwagon hopped on me.


MARTA: So what’s Felix up to these days? How has he changed since first becoming vampirized and conflicted about drinking human blood?


MARIO: Felix has become a connoisseur of human blood but he’s trying hard not to be a hemoglobin snob. He’s working on a feature for Sunset magazine: Summer Picnic Wine-Blood pairings.


MARTA: You cross genres with your stories. Do you consider yourself primarily a mystery/crime writer, an urban fantasy writer, or a humorist?


MARIO: If we need labels, how about supernatural mystery smart ass?


MARTA: What are your plans for the series? Are you working on anything outside the series?


MARIO: I’ve got more ideas for the series. Felix has a lot of work left do in the pursuit of truth, justice, and the vampiric way. As for anything else, I’m fielding proposals and waiting and waiting. Waiting. Waiting some more.


MARTA: You’ve got very intriguing covers and titles. Since you’re also a painter, do you give much input to the covers? Do readers expect more or less hot undead action from the covers and titles?


MARIO: I have 100% input on the cover art. I get to say, I love the cover art 100%. Yes, readers expect hot undead (and live) action because of the covers and titles. But it’s not porn by any means, it’s social commentary. Very artistic social commentary.


MARTA: When you were starting out as a novelist, did you get any advice that you considered bogus and later realized was worthwhile? Or vice versa.


MARIO: All the advice sounded like this: It’s a lot of hard work. You’ll become a nervous wreck. And they were right, unfortunately.


MARTA: You attend a lot of conferences. What’s the attraction? Do you dress up in costumes?


MARIO: No, I never dress up in costume. This red nose and these clown feet are my version of business casual. I love conferences. I like to meet fans and pal around with my fellow drunks, I mean authors.


MARTA: How does a nice, helicopter-flying Army vet become an undeadkamasutracover297author?


MARIO: I was never a nice anything. As for my expertise as a helicopter pilot, other pilots had nicknames like Razorblade or Blowtorch. Mine was Fluffy.


How did I become an author? By getting published. How did I get published? By being a writer.

How did I become a writer? By writing a lot and ignoring the voices of practicality and sound financial advice.


MARTA: What’s your TBR pile like?


MARIO: Which TBR pile? The one on my nightstand or the one under my mattress?

Nightstand: Greasing the Piñata by Tim Maleeny. Road Trip of the Living Dead by Mark Henry. The Death Dealer by Heather Graham. Succubus Heat by Richelle Mead.


MARTA: Any predictions for the future of urban fantasy? Will we see more cross-genre books?


blood-suckersmaxbscovertnMARIO: Urban fantasy will continue to grow. What’s not to like about the adventures of supernatural-vampire-detective-werewolf-shape shifter-bounty hunter-bikini models and their man-skanks?

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