Video is a Cornerstone: How-to

Video Is a Cornerstone

Jessica kizorek A few years back, I read Jessica Kizorek‘s book, Show Me: Marketing with Video on the Internet. It was a fantastic resource to help clients move into the videosphere – something that scared them more than blogging.

As the philanthropist worked to help nonprofits deliver emotional, professional video messages to donors and the media, she sat down and wrote another book, The Digital Future of Philanthropy.  Today, she sits down for a virtual interview at Market My Novel to discuss how video can help authors.

Why is video important to authors today?

Video grabs the eye and delivers the pitch, “Why should you care about my book.”  Readers love knowing the author, understanding the perspective a book is written from.  Can you imagine the music industry without music videos?  Video connects the creator and recipient in a way that words alone never will.

Many authors put together book trailers to promote their books. Most are still photographs with music. How can this evolve into something better?

Stills with music just happen to be cheaper than video.  Does it work?  Sure.  Are you just as likely to impact the reader if you’re only employing stills and audio?  Probably not.

How can vlogging help an author’s marketing efforts?

So much of what I constructed in 2008 revolved around strengthening my web presence.  If people are interested in you (or you’re trying to convince them they should be) you need to be out there, searchable and on the web for any and all people to find.  Vlogging allows people to peer into your world, and when creating a fan base, it allows people the opportunity to enter your world.

How much is too much when it comes to video content?

Average online attention span is 2:30.  Be careful when you post long videos – You always want to leave people hungry for more rather than bored and apathetic.

What are the best video sharing sites on which to post your videos?

Blip TV
Daily Motion

Should you use an EMBED code, like that on YouTube, to share videos on your Web site or blog?

Always provide people with a pathway to sharing the content with a friend, either by embedding a code, or placing a easy “Share” button adjacent to the video player.

A lot of authors don’t have big budgets to hire a company to do video. What ways can they make an impact with video without busting the budget? 

Record stuff on your webcam – do simple little edits on the free software.  Make it funny, or interesting, or shocking, and it might just get some traction.

Your latest book on the importance of video is coming out soon. Tell us about it.

I’m actually releasing 3 books in the next three months. – I’ve placed a heavy emphasis on building my credibility as a writer and public speaker this past year. The Digital Future of Philanthropy will be the first to be released.  It’s simple and easy guide to understanding the benefits of utilizing video as part of the marketing mix. Quotes from industry experts are positioned against vivid photographs from my international video assignments.

The eBook version is available for a short time only on the web.  Google the name, and slurp it up before I pull it down.

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